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Marklin 00/HO Track 1935 – 1950

Marklin track changed greatly over the years due to changing designs, available resources, and functionalities. Here are some of the main track variations over the years 1935 – 1950.  There are many variations of Marklin track especially during WWII when available resources greatly influenced the look of the track.  For instance, towards the end of […]

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Marklin Patents 1909 – 1942 [Kupplung]

Very rarely does an opportunity present itself  to look  ”behind the scenes” of the Marklin factory.  Original instruction sheets, customer catalogs, and dealer items often give added value to Marklin items and set the context of the toy pieces, allowing us to imagine how they were originally sold to Marklin enthusiasts long ago.  Sometimes we […]

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Märklin during World War II

Märklin has survived several generations of ownership, three factory relocations, eight gauges of toy trains, and two world wars, but the most crucial and undoubtedly pivotal time was during World War II.  With its introduction of 00 Scale in 1935, Märklin faced huge potential; the smaller scale required fewer raw materials and the dream of […]

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Guide to Marklin Boxes (1935 – 1941)

The range of Scale 00 Marklin boxes has changed drastically over the years.   Boxes can be very helpful in dating trains and adds considerably to the overall value of a train set or individual train.  Collectors are willing to pay higher prices if the original box is included. 1935 – 1936 The earliest 00 […]

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Paul Deardorff – “Marklin: 150 Year Retrospective” at EuroWest 2010

Event: EuroWest 2010 Description: Presentation of “Marklin: 150 Year Retrospective” by Marklin Stop founder, Paul Deardorff. The presentation will cover 150 years of Marklin and analyse how Marklin has developed its product range over the years. Location: Hiller Aviation Museum 601 Skyway Rd San Carlos, CA 94070 Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Flier: Hope […]

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