Terms and Conditions

At MarklinStop, we may provide you with an appraisal of your toys and trains.  We also occasionally purchase individual items or collections.  Please note the following terms and conditions during each of these processes.


We offer appraisal as a free service by email.  Please note that these appraisals are our subjective opinions of value, condition, and other factors influencing our appraisal.  They may not be accepted by your insurance company as a third-party appraisal.  Whether they are accepted is at the sole discretion of your insurance provider.  We are happy to provide you with auction results from eBay or other live auction houses should you request them.  Our appraisals are typically done through research of your toys and discovery of comparable auction results found online or through books.

Selling your toy and train collections

Should you wish to sell your individual item or collection, we would be happy to make an offer if the items fall in line with our collecting interests.  Please note the following definitions during this sales process:

“Buyer” We, MarklinStop, a buyer of Marklin toys, trains, and other collectibles
“Goods” The item or items part of a collection being bought or sold as part of a transaction between the Buyer and the Seller
“Seller” The individual or entity providing the Goods covered by the transaction
“Shipping Cost(s)” The cost to ship the Goods by a specified Shipping Carrier. Shipping Costs do not include insurance, packing materials, labor, additional transportation, export charges, or any other additional costs of any kind.

After the Buyer and Seller reach an acceptable sales price, for which the Goods will be sold, payment and shipping must be arranged. The Buyer and the Seller will determine in writing which party will pay Shipping Costs prior to payment. The Seller may provide an estimated Shipping Cost prior to shipment and seek approval of this estimate from the Buyer. Or, if the Buyer agrees to pay the Shipping Costs, the Buyer may offer a Shipping Cost budget in writing that limits how much the Buyer will pay for the Shipping Cost. Any excess amount over the Shipping Cost budget will be at the expense of the Seller. The Seller is responsible for properly packing the item, transporting the item to the postal station, and insuring successful delivery of the Goods to the Buyer’s shipping address. The Buyer may wish to purchase additional insurance for the package at their own expense to protect the Goods during shipment.

Recommended Shipping Methods and Procedures
  • The Buyer recommends the United States Postal Service as a preferred shipment carrier.
  • The Buyer recommends Priority 2-3 day shipping within the United States.
  • The Buyer recommends determining if the Goods fit inside a pre-paid Flat-Rate box in the case that it may reduce overall Shipping Costs.
  • The Buyer recommends using any free Priority Mail Shipping Boxes which are provided by the Priority Mail service at no cost.
  • The Buyer recommends using bubble wrap and newspaper to secure the Goods for safe shipment.  Please allow at least 4 inches of packing material all around from the exterior of the Goods to the interior of the shipping box.

All Goods must be packed for shipment according to Buyer’s instructions or, if there are no instructions, in a manner sufficient to ensure that the Goods are delivered in undamaged condition. Seller must provide Buyer prior written notice if it requires Buyer to return any packaging materials. Any return of such packaging materials will be made at Seller’s expense.


The Buyer recommends PayPal as an easy and secure method for payment.  With PayPal, both the Buyer and Seller are protected by PayPal’s guarantee. Please note the Seller will incur a PayPal transaction fee of approximately 3% (see PayPal’s details for exact transaction fee).

Alternatively, the Seller may prefer receiving payment by a check delivered via mail.  In this case, the Seller must first ship the Goods to the Buyer’s address.  After successful receipt, the Buyer will send the agreed upon amount for the Goods and any agreed upon Shipping Costs by check via mail.  Payment via check offers little protection for either parties in case of lost or damaged Goods or failure to deliver the Goods.  As such, PayPal is the preferred payment method.

Once the Goods have been delivered to the Buyer, ownership of the Goods has been transferred and the Seller may not regain ownership of the Goods under any circumstances unless agreed upon prior in writing.


We thank you for reading and abiding by these Terms and Conditions.  We, too, will follow them to insure a pleasant appraisal and possible sales experience.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at toys@marklinstop.com should you have any questions or concerns.