Marklin Toy & Train Evaluation and Appraisal

We are always evaluating, appraising and buying quality Marklin toys!  We can help with a Marklin appraisal of trains, submarines, boats, planes, dolls, or anything made by Marklin from its long course of history from 1859 to the present day.  Our appraisals are always accompanied by an analysis of your item’s condition, including a brief history of the item’s production, and any important auction results that support the item’s appraisal.

Please send all inquiries to and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

We would be happy to offer a complete, evaluation of what you would like to learn more about or sell.  Whether you have an entire Marklin collection or a single Marklin toy, we’re here to help you. We have been buying Marklin toys and trains for many years and know that it can be difficult to find the right place to evaluate and sell your Marklin toys.  Currently we have have expertise in early Marklin toys.  However, if a toy comes up that we haven’t seen before, we can reach out to our network of specialists who have experience in many different areas of Marklin.

Marklin appraisal specialization

  • Marklin 00, 1935 – 1943
  • Marklin HO 50s to the 60s
  • Marklin early toy boats and battleships
  • Marklin steam engines and accessories
  • Marklin military toys
  • Early Marklin clockwork, steam, and electric trains Gauge 1, II, III, IV, V
  • Marklin dealer and promotional items
  • Marklin catalogs and documents

Our easy appraisal process

  • You send us pictures or an inventory list of what you’ve got
  • We’ll tell you the year the toys were made and other important information about them
  • We’ll fill in the gaps on the history – we love hearing stories of where the toys came from! 

If you want to sell 

  • We can advise you on the best way to sell – whether through an auction houses, eBay, private sales, or through a dealer
  • We also buy Marklin toys from specific years. If you let us know the price you are looking to get for your train or entire collection, or you accepted a well-researched offer on the single toy or entire collection we can buy directly from you. Payment is usually sent via PayPal or check.

We would love to see your Marklin toys and trains!

Please send all inquiries to and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

Please note: By requesting an appraisal or offering to sell your collection, you acknowledge that you have read and accept our Terms and Conditions. This includes the fact that our evaluations are not binding appraisals – they are simply our research based on market values.  Please let us know in advance should you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions.

Pricing Update: due the the volume of evaluation requests, we have limited the number of collections we can evaluate. In some cases depending on the vintage of your collection and/or the size, we may not be able to offer a free evaluation.


  • I have news trains tracks all still In boxes

  • Hi, i have some trains and tracks. they are some HO and other ones only have marklin writed on the box. the were from my grandfather. can you help me knowing the rigth price

  • i got some trains from my grandfather. they are from the old west germany. can you tell me the price…

  • my dad passed away & left me many marklin trains. he was from Germany & would go back every year & buy a few @ a time. I would like to sell them. Some are beautiful & like new.

  • We have a nice collection of trains , tracks and houses, and scenary. Do you pay the shipping from Venezuela???

  • Hello! We have two miniaturautos from Marklin with boxes (8003 and 8021) we would like to know more about them and their value. Thanks,

  • I do have a small but interesting ho collection for sale.
    Many special !

  • I have 2 questions:
    How many Marklin 37569 Weathered Crocodiles were produced in 2003?
    Which was the only year they were available and sold out at the factory very quickly.
    Also – How many 1 Scale Marklin 55565 “New York Central” white Crocodiles were produced in 2009?
    Which was also the only year that those models were produced.

    Mr. Adrian Wegener

  • I have three (3) Marklin train catalogs: 1960/61 E o.p, 1961/62 E o.P., 1961/63 E o.P. and Marklin HO Gauge HO Track layouts. I also have many a Marklin Modern Steam Locomotive 3005, a Tank enginne (3000) a refrigerated van (4508), a tipping wagon(4513), low-sided truck (4503), Petrol tank wagon with Esso on the sides (4501), Goods train luggage van (4600), Motor car transporter wagon (4613), timber wagon (4608), open goods truck kit (4903), a low sided truck kit (4914), many track pieces, remote control and lighting accessories, and other accessories (locomotive shed, etc). My dad had these and put them out at Christmas and I loved playing with this. Many stories and memories associated with the “daddy’s train set.” Was wondering if they are collectables and what to do with them.

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