Marklin Trains and Toys

Theodor Marklin founded the Marklin brand in Goppingen, Germany in 1859. While the early years and complete history of Marklin from before 1900 are difficult to decipher, the company really hit its stride with its standardization of track gauges in 1898 at the Leipzig Easter Toy Fair. Marklin trains still to this day roughly follow these track widths and many brands adopted these standards as well.

Various gauges defined by Marklin in a 1904 catalog

Marklin Trains in the Golden Era

At the Turn of the Century, Marklin trains were primarily owned by the elite and wealthy who could afford such finely crafted metal toys. Each toy was hand-painted and lavish with exquisite detail.

Marklin Trains Today

Today Marklin produces many new trains each year with seasonal releases of new toy trains. Collectors and hobbyists alike enjoy their fine metal or strong plastic construction, accurate reproduction of prototypes, and enjoyable performance on the tracks.