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Marklin from toys on display.

Marklin HR 66 12920 Locomotive in OBX

Incredible 1930s Marklin HR 66 12920 locomotive in very good condition with original box, “HR 66 12920, 20 Volt.” The locomotive’s condition and paint is 100% original with no replica or reproduction parts. The paint is in excellent condition with only minor chips and fading, but most importantly, there is no crazing. There is one spot of missing paint on

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Marklin ST 800 R OBX Version 2

Märklin ST 800 R in OBX with a later instruction sheet (“AN 1151 r”). This locomotive is in very good condition considering it often suffers zincpest and metal fatigue. This locomotive and two car set is in original box, includes factory corrugated wrapping and wax paper. I was told this locomotive sat in its box for many years and was

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Marklin R700A.5 USA Export

R700A export model for USA. Version 5 with Cow Catcher. Metal is excellent and paint is very good. Tested and runs well with lights functioning properly. Cow Catcher is original to the locomotive. Original tender with slight rusting on wheels. Included is a handmade, replica box for the Marklin R 700 A. No parts of the box are original except

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