Marklin ST 800 R OBX Version 2

Märklin ST 800 R in OBX with a later instruction sheet (“AN 1151 r”). This locomotive is in very good condition considering it often suffers zincpest and metal fatigue. This locomotive and two car set is in original box, includes factory corrugated wrapping and wax paper. I was told this locomotive sat in its box for many years and was rarely run. When it was first test-run, it functioned very well, with some oil added, it is now a very good runner.  Original dealer in Germany stamped on inside of top box cover as well as 125- DM handwritten on label and box. Box labeled “ST 800 R.” Box is in good condition with slight warping over the years and additional tape on underside. Looks like 1940s medical tape, probably from when it was shipped over from Europe to USA. Excellent very rare item. I think this locomotive is either version 1 or 2. No repainting, all parts original. Please see pictures for further information and condition.


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