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Pictures of Marklin in operation or display.

Charming Tinplate Wonderlands by Photo Holzapfel

A “secret society” exists in Germany for the enjoyment of tinplate toys.  For over 20 years, a group of onlookers, collectors, builders, and “players” has joined forces to construct a complete city out of tinplate, usually filling an entire hall.  The group doesn’t go by a particular name but is simply a collection of friends with similar interests.  The city

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Märklin Railway Brought to Life in a Nostalgic 60s Layout

With slight modifications Mr. Barthels has reconstructed the impressive “Anlage 10” layout shown in the Marklin booklet #0330 on pages 21-23. The layout has been meticulously constructed using all original parts from the 60s which are outlined in detail in the layout plan book from Marklin. Such layouts were often built in the Marklin factory and occasionally sent to dealers

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