Category: Toy Market Analysis

Analysis of the toy market with a special focus on Marklin toys and trains. Over the years, we have noticed an incredible strength in the toy market. Model trains, planes, boats, dolls, mechanical banks and countless other toys offer collectors a sense of nostalgia. To many toy collectors, such treasures represent a piece of their childhood and still remain a significant part of their lives. Our toy market analysis articles track these trends on what collectors are seeking and where the various markets are headed.

Märklin’s Florien Sieber attributes slow sales growth to second-hand market

Marklin’s Florien Sieber, a new addition to the management team since 2013, has worked to expand the company’s product offering since the Simba-Dicke takeover in 2013.  The company’s financial position has improved overall but the company missed its target growth rate for 2015/16.  Sales reached 96 million Euros worldwide, 2 million Euros less than the fiscal year prior. Mr. Sieber has

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Collectors focusing on rare and high-quality Marklin pieces

There’s no doubt that prices for Marklin and certainly other toy makers fluctuate greatly, trending in different directions over the years. Factors like condition, provenance, having an original box, and ephemera have a dramatic effect on price. As a recent example, two wonderful examples of the Marklin CCS 66/12920 Krokodil in the United States and Germany sold for $13,000 and

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Fakes, Forgeries, and Reproductions: How do they affect Marklin?

Fakes, forgeries, and reproductions of Marklin trains and toys create an obstacle for Marklin collectors, dealers, musuems, and auction houses. In this article I will discuss the implications they have on the current market for Marklin items and the possible future effects. First, it is important to devise some operational definitions: A fake shall be described as any item that

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