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Marklin Spur 00 Miniature Railway [1938 – 1943]

By 1938, the Marklin’s 00 Scale was already well established with the 700 series locomotives and train and was ripe for technological improvements. One of these improvements would be found in the reversing system of the locomotives. The locomotives of 1938 were equipped with the “Perfect-Reverse” system which allowed for remote reversing without the need of a separate devise. The

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Fakes, Forgeries, and Reproductions: How do they affect Marklin?

Fakes, forgeries, and reproductions of Marklin trains and toys create an obstacle for Marklin collectors, dealers, musuems, and auction houses. In this article I will discuss the implications they have on the current market for Marklin items and the possible future effects. First, it is important to devise some operational definitions: A fake shall be described as any item that

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Marklin Catalog Codes & Pricelists

Marklin Pricelists Marklin pricelists were sent along with catalogs for consumers to purchase and browse the new and current Marklin train items offered. Pricelists can be found written in many languages including German, English, French, Spanish, and more.  To give an idea of the Marklin prices in such pricelists, we can use the 1951 pricelist from F.A.O. Schwarz located at

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