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Pictures of Marklin in operation or display.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum: Treasure Trove of Toys

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a treasure trove of toys and models that extends over four thousand square feet of floorspace, through four of the Early Victorian arches supporting Brighton Railway Station’s forecourt. Founded in 1991, it has over ten thousand toys and models in its catalogue, including priceless model train collections and many period antique toys. Its

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Marklin Layout Big and Small, Spur O + 00

An incredible layout in O Gauge and 00/HO Gauge from the Italian collector Paolo Panciroli. The composition of these two gauges, one big and one small, side-by-side showcases two of Marklin’s most widely sold gauges in the 1930s – 1950s period. View the pictures and video below. Locomotives include: HR 70 12920, CCS 66 12920, CS 66 12920, ME 66

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