Marklin HR 66 12920 Locomotive in OBX

Incredible 1930s Marklin HR 66 12920 locomotive in very good condition with original box, “HR 66 12920, 20 Volt.” The locomotive’s condition and paint is 100% original with no replica or reproduction parts. The paint is in excellent condition with only minor chips and fading, but most importantly, there is no crazing. There is one spot of missing paint on the top of the locomotive in the center, very small chips in the streamline red line but most of the paint is still present. Also small chips where the wheels (front and rear trucks) hit the frame of the locomotive, however, this is very hard to prevent. It has been tested and does run very well and the lights are both functioning. The “20 V” sheet metal sign on the side of the cab of the locomotive is missing one of the tabs and therefore has trouble hanging on but can be easily fixed. Original box has factory wrapping and straw padding. Oiling instruction sheet included.

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