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Lankes Auktionshaus impresses with Summer Auction 2016


See an overview of the top highlights from the auction at Lankes’s website. Marklin gauge 1 Leipzig Station 2037 BB complete with station accessories including 2 lamps, stairs, 4 halls, 4 lamps, and overhead pieces. Impressive arrangement of an almost entirely complete Leipzig station from the 1930s! 4-arm globe candelabra lamp Marklin Zeppelin with clockwork motor Marklin English “Churchbury Station” complete with signs

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Sail first class with Marklin toy boats and submarines


Engage your eyes with nautical treasures as we set sail on a journey through some of Marklin’s finest sea-fairing vessels.  Around the turn of the last century Marklin began producing a wonderful array of tin boats and submarines.  The broad range included early battleships with real cap-gun canons, steam paddle boats, large ocean liners with huge smoke stacks, and war-ready

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Bertoia auctions to sell massive private Jerry and Nina Greene collection


Bertoia Auctions has announced it will sell the incredible Jerry Greene collection in a multi-part sale.  Michael Bertoia stated “Because it is so vast, we really can’t estimate how many auctions will be required to sell it all.”  The collection is truly incredible with some one-of-a-kind pieces from makers like Marklin, Bing, and Lutz. The couple’s trains, which were purchased over several

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Märklin’s Florien Sieber attributes slow sales growth to second-hand market


Marklin’s Florien Sieber, a new addition to the management team since 2013, has worked to expand the company’s product offering since the Simba-Dicke takeover in 2013.  The company’s financial position has improved overall but the company missed its target growth rate for 2015/16.  Sales reached 96 million Euros worldwide, 2 million Euros less than the fiscal year prior. Mr. Sieber has

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