Marklin Dealers & Importers for the American Market

As the global demand for fine toys and trains from the maker Marklin increased, it was up to dealers and importers to maintain the flow of goods into customers’ hands.  In a previous post, we looked at Bruce Hastie, a Marklin dealer in Long Island during the 1930s.  Another post uncovered the history of Richard Marklin of the famous Richard Marklin Toys, an important enterprise for Marklin in America.   Here we will look at some other dealers and importers that were crucial for Marklin’s development in the American market.

  1. FAO Schwarz – 1951
  2. Richard Maerklin Toys – 1936/1937 (Pre-WWII distributor)
  3. REIDPATH – 1936/1937
  4. Bruce Hastie – 1934/1935
  5. Charles C. Merzbach – 1940s to 1950s (Post-WWII distributor)
  6. A.B. Boyd Co – 1960s (Distributor for Western 11 States)

FAO Schwarz – New York

Richard Marklin Toys

Richard Marklin Toys – New York

Bruce Hastie Dealer Stamp (color/saturation altered)

Bruce Hastie – New York


REIDPATH – Chicago

Charles C Merzbach - New York

Charles C Merzbach – New York

A.B. Body Co - Encino, California

A.B. Body Co – Encino, California

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