S 873/1 Set S870 Torpedo Locomotive

The S873/1 set was produced for a very limited time in 1953. This set seen here has the production run on the box as follows: “YN 1253 j – S 873/1 – 100/5”. This number is seen on the inside cover of the lid of the box, printed on the instruction sheet. This set normally would include 327/2 ROT (red) cars (2 per set) along with several pieces of curved track specially designed for the clockwork locomotive. The S870 locomotive was the first and only HO scale clockwork locomotive that Marklin produced. The original key is not often seen in sets available today, but was used to wind up the locomotive springs for running. These keys are hard to find in today’s market.  This set is also missing the original cardboard insert that would keep the trains from moving around in the box.

S873/1 Set and 327/2 Cars:

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