Marklin RS 800: Complete Review

Hello everyone,

Another feature of this blog is being able to maintain and repair Marklin trains, and sometimes that includes taking them apart for service or just to see how everything functions under the body.

This review is of an RS 800.  This gallery will show how to almost completely dissassemble an RS 800 locomotive. I do not take apart the motor mount/housing or the reversing switch as sometimes these sections are hard to put back together and could cause harm to the locomotive.


(1) Flathead screwdriver

(2) Small pin / paperclip (optional)




  • Paul, enjoyed seeing you at Eurowest 2011, and bought an RS-800 at the show. This was very helpful as to servicing the model.

  • Thanks for this servicing guide, made me feel more secure when bidding on an RS 800 today – which I’ve won!

  • Thomas J Kuebbing

    This was very helpful for disassembly of my RS800 from 1945 but I still have some problems. 2 of the drive wheels are loose on my locomotive. To reinstall the wheels it seems I will need to remove the chassis carrier from the frame but it won’t clear at the rear. One wheel is also cracked on the tread. Should I repair or replace? The brushes did not fall out when I removed the brush cap and spring and I can see that they are stuck in the holder.

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